Batman v.s Superman

Josh Larson   January 13, 2017   Comments Off on Batman v.s Superman

I recently watched the movie Batman v.s. Superman. As the movie started, I found myself, probably like much of you, rooting for the man of steel. Who wouldn’t want to be nearly invincible. Quicker, faster, stronger, and more powerful than any normal mortal. Batman would constantly try and fail to overcome Clark Kent’s power. Yet, each time, the Dark Knight failed.

Yet, every failure that Batman faced, he overcame. Eventually the caped crusader failed so much that he succeeded in negating Superman’s strength with his kryptonite laced armor suit. By the end of the movie, I’m rooting for Bruce Wayne! As the movie ended, I asked my wife “Would you rather be Superman or Batman”? She, like most of you, replied “Of course, I’d rather be Superman”!

Not me.

I told her, “Superman has never faced adversity. He’s never truly failed at anything. He’s never really met his match. He is a prima donna, egotistical, silver spoon fed, muscle bound (which he was born with), meat headed, narcissistic hero”! Ok, maybe a little harsh, but I have a point to prove.

Then I explained why I would rather be Batman… The Dark Knight has NO super powers. He is an ordinary guy that accomplishes EXTRAORDINARY things with only his MIND, INTUITION, and badass MARTIAL ARTS skills! Sure he’s rich, but he chooses to take on a dangerous side job when he could easily rest on his laurels and live fat, dumb, rich, and happy. He brings in people like himself, you and me, orphaned and damaged, and turns them into great human beings (Robin/Night Wing). He brings out not only the best in who deserves it, but he breeds a mindset of perseverance and toughness. Even his enemies respect him.

No wonder the Justice League pursues him to join. A group of aliens and super powered heroes ask an ORDINARY man to be the keystone in their EXTRAORDINARY alliance.

Batman is the representation of what we all can become if we put our minds and bodies to their maximum potential. Bruce Wayne understands that his burdens, life lessons, and accomplishments should not be just viewed and reminisced, they should be exploited to their fullest potential.

Now I ask you, would you rather be Superman or Batman?

Josh Larson

Josh is an Active Duty Army Officer, Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner, combatives aficionado, and avid fisherman.